Customized Service

Rehisk Technology Co., Ltd. offers comprehensive Customized Service, expertise in creating a range of digital products. We collaborate with businesses seeking to outsource production, leveraging our advanced technical capabilities, superior supply chain, and high production standards. Our experience includes portable and computer monitors, all-in-one desktops, and related peripherals. We guarantee quality and performance, supported by rigorous quality assurance protocols and excellent after-sales service from our subsidiary, Ganymede Boston LLC. Partnering with us offers cost-effective solutions, rapid time-to-market, and a commitment to mutual success.

Advanced Manufacturing Factory

Our Shenzhen-based factory employs cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and management processes, ensuring multi-equipment automation, intelligent production, comprehensive quality control, and stringent acceptance management.

Our advanced automated machinery, including automatic screwing machines, packing-up machines, shrinking
machines, function test devices, aging equipment, vibration test equipment, and signal-shielded rooms, streamlines
processes and minimizes human error.

Rehisk has established maintenance centers in Shenzhen, China, and Boston, USA, offering a comprehensive
24/7 after-sales service model that includes technical inspection and repair, spare part replenishment, product feedback reporting, and continuous customer support.

The implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System allows real-time tracking of products from raw materials
to finished goods, optimizing the production process.

Our commitment to efficiency and sustainability, combined with exceptional customer service, positions us as an
industry leader, providing our clients with the best possible products and support.
By concentrating on these strengths, we deliver unparalleled products and services that cater to our clients’ ever-evolving needs.


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Customized Service

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