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Is 165Hz Refresh Rate Good for Gaming? The Ultimate Guide!

If you keep up with the latest tech and gaming gear, you know that refresh rate (the number of times a display updates with new imagery per second) plays a vital role. While 60Hz used to be the norm, today 165Hz displays offer a smoother, more responsive gaming experience.

However is a 165Hz monitor truly necessary for you? What benefits or tradeoffs come with higher refresh rate displays? 

While some may overlook the importance of a 165Hz monitor, it actually plays a critical role in improving your gaming and media experience. Even if you have a high-end gaming PC, the overall experience heavily relies on a dependable monitor to properly display your games and media content.

Throughout this blog post, we'll dissect each intricate detail of 165Hz monitors, and discussing their respective benefits and ideal usage scenarios. So, if you're curious about how a 165Hz refresh rate stacks up against its counterparts, you're in the right place! Keep reading to uncover all the insights you need to make an informed decision about your monitor choice.

Understanding Refresh Rate: 

Refresh rate dictates how many images a screen can display per second, measured in Hertz (Hz).

From 60Hz to 165Hz

A 60Hz refresh rate means the display refreshes with 60 new images per second. Higher rates like 165Hz refresh 165 times per second for smoother visuals, crucial for gaming.

From 144Hz to 165Hz

A 144Hz refresh rate means the monitor refreshes 144 times per second. 165Hz bumps that up to 165 frames per second for an even smoother picture.

Comparing 60Hz & 144Hz vs 165Hz: Key Differences

60Hz vs 165Hz

Compared to standard 60Hz displays, 165Hz offers markedly smoother motion, faster frame transitions and reduced motion blur for crisp, fluid gameplay. Fast paced games hugely benefit from the lower input lag and improved responsiveness. 165Hz also enables variable refresh rate features like G-Sync providing a tear-free experience during frame rate fluctuations.

144Hz vs 165Hz

For gaming, 165Hz builds upon the smoother motion clarity provided by 144Hz with slightly faster frame transitions and decreased motion blurring. The differences stand out most noticeably in fast-paced first person shooters requiring quick reflexes and actions. Reduced input lag from refreshing frames quicker also offers a bit snappier response to controls.

While 240Hz and 360Hz monitors exist, they require incredibly high-end hardware to run such high frame rates. 165Hz hits a nice balanced sweet spot for buttery smooth gaming without cost or performance overkill.

6 Benefits of 165Hz Displays for Gamers

  1. Smoother animations and camera panning with reduced blur

165Hz displays refresh the image on screen up to 165 times per second, leading to significantly smoother animations, camera movements and scene transitions compared to standard 60Hz monitors. Fast motion that would normally appear blurred is rendered clearly without artifacts like ghosting. This quicker response time gives games a life-like fluidity, especially noticeable in faster-paced first-person shooters, racing sims and sports titles where the camera moves rapidly.

  1. Decreased input lag for faster reactions to controls

By updating on-screen visuals more frequently, 165Hz monitors also minimize input lag - the delay between pressing a button and seeing the game respond. This lightning-fast feedback time allows precise reactions critical for competitive multiplayer titles. Inputs feel snappy as on-screen response mirrors your reflexes more accurately. With standard displays, input lag causes a perceptible disconnect between controller and gameplay.

  1. Vastly improved frame pacing and fluidity during frame rate changes

A higher refresh rate gives games far more visual "checkpoint" frames per second to display rendered content. This means frame production better keeps pace with what the monitor displays, preventing gradual build up of uneven delivery known as stuttering. If frame rates fluctuate under load, the adjustments feel seamless rather than jarring thanks to abundant refresh headroom.

  1. Extra immersive worlds and motion in fast-paced games

By eliminating blur and stutter, 165Hz displays reinforce a feeling of truly existing inside high fidelity virtual worlds. Objects exhibit lifelike momentum while environments move past your viewpoint with crystal clarity. The heightened fluidity compounds the effects of surround sound, complex modern graphics and other innovations to create insanely immersive experiences where you feel part of the action.

  1. Support for syncing technologies like G-Sync for tear-free visuals

To prevent visible on-screen tearing artifacts from misaligned frame delivery, many 165Hz monitors support Variable Refresh Rate technologies like Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. When enabled, the monitor dynamically syncs its refresh rate to the game's frame rate for consistently smooth, tear-free visuals across a wide FPS range.

  1. Keeps your gaming experience feeling cutting-edge for years

With gaming demands only increasing year after year, upgrading to a 165Hz display future-proofs your system for keeping pace. The abundant headroom handles intensive modern titles as well as increased requirements down the road. Build towards games beyond tomorrow without compromise by choosing 165Hz displays today.

When is 165Hz Overkill?

Casual gamers playing slower paced, more cinematic games see fewer benefits from maximizing refresh rate over visual quality. Players truly limited by budget may want to consider a solid 75Hz display for smoother gaming on a value budget.

Additionally, to fully unlock 165Hz potential, your PC hardware must output 100+ fps consistently in your games. Slower machines still perform great on 60-75Hz displays.

Choosing the Right 165Hz Display

Prioritize low response times under 5ms, adaptive sync technology like G-Sync, HDR color quality for deeper contrast and a high quality VA/IPS panel over cheaper TN variants if possible within budget constraints.

Gaming Monitors at Rehisk with 165Hz Refresh Rate 

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      Maximize your productivity with PIP/PBP multitasking functionality, allowing for efficient screen space usage. The monitor is easy to install with VESA 100mm*100mm compatibility for flexible mounting options.

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        Enjoy a smooth and clear picture with a high refresh rate of 165Hz and IPS Full HD 1080P resolution, providing crisp images and reducing blur during fast-paced games or video playback. With a 1ms response time, this monitor minimizes image afterimages and ghost images, ensuring smoother transitions, especially in high dynamic scenes, for an improved gaming experience. 

        Experience excellent gameplay with support for AMD FreeSync technology, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering when used with compatible AMD graphics cards. Additionally, it is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync technology, making sure smooth picture quality with NVIDIA graphics cards. Connect your devices with two HDMI interfaces and one DisplayPort (DP) interface, offering versatile connectivity options for your gaming setup. Upgrade your gaming and viewing experience with our feature-packed IPS computer monitor.


        A 165Hz gaming monitor takes fluidity, responsiveness and immersion to the next level over aging 60Hz displays for players enjoying fast-paced competitive gaming genres. Just ensure your PC configuration can reliably sustain frame rates exceeding refresh rate.

        For visual focused slower paced games, 60Hz provides great experiences already for more casual players. But discerning hardcore gamers hungry for buttery smoothness will immediately appreciate upgrading to 165Hz.

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